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Houseplants Andover

If you have been searching for a variety of houseplants near Andover, you need look no further. At Conkers Garden Centre, we have the ideal collection of indoor plants that any customer would like to see. Our growing collection of house shade plants is helping our visitors pick their favourites and expand their indoor greenery as much as they want to.


Our range of house plants near Andover

When it comes to indoor plants, a garden centre that takes pride in delivering its customers everything they wanted is sure to keep a variety of options. At Conkers Garden Centre, we make sure any customers who come in looking for their kind of indoor greenery never leave disappointed. Although it makes a tall order, we are always ready to meet the challenge with preparation.

  • Cactus: Our cacti are lovely, young, prickly, and come in all sizes. From fist-sized potted cactus plants to several feet tall grown-up cacti, we have them all and so can you.
  • Orchids: Our collection of houseplants near Andover also contains a special display of orchids that you can grow all around the year. They come in several colours and carry distinct fragrances that are also subtle and are not imposing.
  • Many More: Beyond these two, we have palms, dracaenas, ferns and more to help you bring the green into your rooms inside the house. All of these have their quirky habits and need proper looking after.


Getting natural interior décor at Conkers Garden Centre

We often refer to indoor plants as natural interior decor, for obvious reasons. They bring the nature straight into your rooms, giving your air the freshness of a growing forest (If you put in enough of those inside) and help the brick-and-stone looks of your indoors get a bit of life. With these houseplants near Andover, you can start working on your home decor with a different style that coerces compliments out of your guests.


Consulting our team of experts

When it comes to indoor plants, getting the right ones is the key to making a lasting impact both on the aesthetics of your house and your pocket. Plants are not always cheap, especially if you want the best looking houseplants. Some breeds of cacti are rare and, though they would look amazing in that west corner of the room under the dim light, each pot can cost a sizeable sum.

Therefore, when you are over at our premises, be sure to talk to one of our experts before you pick the plants you want to take home.


Indoor greenery and more  

Come and visit our garden centre near Andover for indoor greenery and other garden centre items such as pet food and toys! You can visit us any day of the week and get your favourite items at incredible prices.