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Welcome to Conkers

Conkers Garden Centre in Basingstoke opened its doors in 1987. Trading from a much smaller building, it has over the past 30 years grown into a large, modern business, with a busy tea room and lots of interesting stock and plants. 

Keep wormeries cosy

Move wormeries to a sheltered spot before it gets too chilly, as worms are sensitive to the cold. Keep the wormery somewhere sheltered over winter, like a shed or garage, and wrap it in a blanket for insulation to keep them recycling your kitchen scraps into crumbly, rich compost.

Growing for show

Growing your own food is one of life's great pleasures, and like most good things, it's worth doing well. A great way of measuring your progress is to pit yourself against the old-timers - producers of football-sized onions and metre-long carrots.

It takes courage to exhibit your produce…

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