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Hello & Welcome to Conkers!

The Garden Centre is now fully open  but we still have hand sanitizer at the entrance and screens at the tills for the time being. 

The Riverbank Tearoom is open too, with well spaced tables and waitress service. 

The Dog Cafe was a pop up in 2019 but sadly was not a success, so has closed permanently. It has not been open since March 2020 and neither have dogs been allowed in store since then.  Sadly there were too many unreported incidents of dogs messing, so the decision was made to no longer allow dogs in. Sorry for any upset this might cause but it was becoming a problem. 


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Please see below for our current opening hours.



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It's vital that you clean bird tables, feeders and baths before refilling them for winter. Use hot, soapy water and a stiff brush, and wear goggles and rubber gloves. Rinse well with clean water before drying. An insect house is a great way to attract beneficial insects to your garden. Most 'bug boxes' contain hollow stems in which insects such as bees, lacewings and ladybirds will be happy to hibernate. Install in a sheltered location that is exposed to the morning sun.

Patio ponds

You don't need to have masses of space to enjoy the beauty and movement of a water feature. Even if all you've got is a patio in Basingstoke, you can still have a pond: just build one in a half-barrel container.

You'll find rustic half-barrels available year-round at our garden centre. On…

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